God is Faithful

God is faithful yes He is faithful. He remains the same even when we are not faithful, He remains just and loyal to us even when we are not to Him, he watches our back daily he sees that even when things are not right he comes through for us, He takes his time to plan for our future he doesn’t just work today for us He goes ahead of us to bless our future to see that we end with smiles on our faces.

Though we might fall sick he heals us, though we might not have enough to eat but God makes sure we are fresh and alive, we might not have enough to spend but he sees to it that we have our essential needs. He never leaves us hanging. He helps us in our times of trouble all we need to do is believe in him and seek his face.

Even when death takes the ones we love God still remains just and faithful. He is the God of the fatherless and the God of the motherless, he will always make a way where there seems to be no way just trust and obey him. The things you thought without your parents or friends you won’t be able to do God will do for you beyond your imagination. He will work for your favour.

He is there in the midst of our struggle He knows everything we are passing through and He allows us to pass through it for a reason rather than complaining let’s be grateful.

We shouldn’t let delay make us think our God isn’t faithful, there is a reason you are yet to achieve that dream or that great height, it might be that He is fixing and building in you all that you need to be successful in life remember you can’t rush God, patience my dear friends patience.

Let him have His way in your life and you will be surprised what you will turn out to be hard work is good opportunities are good but God must come first in every line of action of a person so before you begin your work or begin the day commit it into God hands and then your hard work and commitment will pay, and if you don’t get that thing you want still thank Him for it.

There is no situation you are right now, that God doesn’t know about so don’t doubt what He can do to that situation of yours. He is all able. Our God is faithful and we must know that he never abandons His creations’. Put all your trust in Him.


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