via Daily Prompt: Pattern

Pattern is a way of doing something, it might be good or bad, beautiful or complicated.

when working in pattern it can be interesting or become boring, but if you are using pattern in terms of behaving like a mentor, that might be good for your soul or your body.

I see some people exercise every Saturday, most importantly they have good bodies and that encourages me, to say the least, I actually ┬átake a walk most Saturday’s except I am sick or indisposed and I saw a very positive change from my frequent pattern of walking or jogging on Saturday, that’s a good pattern to emulate.

For people who steal,kill or do drugs that’s an addictive pattern they are following and the road through that path is really terrible. You are not allowed to work in a pattern that makes you a sad news to others, you should choose a pattern that when people hear about you there is a smile on their faces.

What am I saying? Whatever pattern of life you choose should glorify the name of God,and it shouldn’t tarnish your good name.




What makes you unique?

What makes us unique from our friends,our families or the world at large, is it just our names? what is it that makes us unique?

God created us unique,there is no one exactly like me or you,we have something that differentiates us from the rest,some of those things can be your physical body in which case even twins that look so much alike are never the same, there is still something that makes twin a different from b.

Do you love your uniqueness? that’s a question for discussion,we see someone that behaves in this manner and we want to behave that way,why not derive joy in being you.

No one is saying you shouldn’t better yourself,but forgetting to embrace the uniqueness in you is a sad thing and if you continue that way you won’t derive the satisfaction you need.

You are in a place for a reason, the reason you are in a place is different from the reason i am in that same place,some people are entertainers,some innovative,some teachers,some role models etc.Enjoy your uniqueness, do not trade it for someone’s unique nature, it will be hard to be the best at acting like someone.

Everyone is doing this particular thing doesn’t mean it is right, always follow your heart and be who you are comfortable with,don’t please everyone and displease yourself.

Don’t use so many years trying to be like a friend,colleague or a celebrity and forget about the uniqueness that no one else has except you.