We are Born Different and Unique

We are created by one God but different in character, background and we have different goals and aspiration.We shouldn’t expect someone to be like us or behave exactly how we behave, we are all different one way or the other.

That is where individual difference comes in some of us are temperamental than others, while some are cooler than others as well as more understanding than others, so we need to have that at the back of our mind when we do things.e

There is this saying’ Do unto others what you want others to do to you’, So as much as we are not the same we should learn to watch how we treat people so there will be less conflict in our environment, you can’t say because you are temperamental you go throwing people’s things away or go beating people we all need to learn self-control.More importantly before we react we should put our self in other people’s shoe and see ow we would feel before we react.

Many people have icons they choose as role models but that doesn’t mean they have to be copy cats all the way, it is harder to be someone other than yourself, so even if you choose to improve yourself it shouldn’t be that you want to begin to copy all around.

You are unique in your own way so rejoice in being you and not in being someone else, God has a plan for each and every one of us,and that is the same way he created some of us black and others white. Even if you look identical to someone you and that person cannot have the same character 100%, something must differentiate you from others and that is what makes you unique and different from others, so stop killing to be like some else rather try become a better and improved you in all aspects of life.


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