Pride goes before a fall

We all know that phrase, ‘pride goes before a fall’. Pride doesn’t add any value to you, it encourages you to be selfish and unbearable which brings out the worst in you. When you think that you have great wealth or position and because of that you begin to trample on people and do awful things, then you have let pride set in. Pride only makes you brag and see people as lowly, not caring if they can be of great value to you. When pride sets in, it kills the better part of you because you begin to choose people who are of your status and call others poor or lowly. God gave you wealth and position for a reason and the reason is definitely not for show off. He gave you those resources so you can help others so while helping others you don’t have to trample on anyone. You don’t have to say, ‘I can’t relate with such people’. God wants us to be humble with everything He gives us. Pride goes before a fall and if you trample on people now you might not see what is at stake but if you don’t sow what you reap now, people associated with you might reap it sooner or later so you need to put a lot of thought into how you treat people.

You don’t need to use your money and position to oppress people.We are all God’s creation and He expects us to take care of one another. He expects us to treat each other with love and remember love is not boastful. Don’t treat people wrongly because now or later, it comes to hunt us. God gives you everything you have not to keep to yourself and build barns for it, He gave you all you have so you could use it to glorify His name. So learn humility in the midst of great wealth and position.

Pride of life is a sin we need to avoid at all costs. We don’t need to brag about all we have or be selfish to others. We should use our resources to impact the lives of others in order for our blessings to continue to flow so we become one step closer to pleasing God.


Learn from your mistakes

We are humans so we make mistakes and do things we aren’t proud of. Should that stop us from living or moving on? Mistakes are supposed to make us better at what we do, so if you made a mistake at work, fix it. Review what you did wrong and avoid doing it again. Don’t just say, ‘my boss/colleague doesn’t like me’, and if you have that attitude of always being right that you never see your errors, you need to listen to what people are saying about a particular thing you do or don’t do. For them to complain about the same thing frequently, there must be a problem so you need to review yourself frequently to make sure you are not on the wrong path. When you have corrected that error, you become better and more accurate at whatever you do.

Have you had several intimate relationships where you keep doing the same wrong thing over and over? You need to take a break and watch yourself. Review every relationship and check that mistake you make all the time. Has that thing (attitude) you keep repeating added any value to you or has it made you worse and vulnerable? For example, someone that gets dumped every time. There must be something you do wrong, maybe you love too much such that you are no longer firm, maybe you don’t let your partner in, maybe you are a ‘monitoring spirit’, maybe you don’t give your all to the relationship, maybe you’re insecure, maybe you are just dishonest. There is just something wrong and you need to make time for yourself to study those behaviors that make you vulnerable or no longer attractive so that you can become better with people and relationships.

Always take time as a person to evaluate your reactions and attitudes so you don’t become a ‘no go area’ if you know what I mean. If you keep behaving in that way that chases friends, colleagues, lovers, children, parents, and others from you, then you might just end up a loner.  As a parent, do you keep making the same mistakes with your children? Do you treat them like they are of the same nature or the same likes? Do you have less time with them? What is that thing you keep doing that makes that child stay far from you? It is time to check these things, correct them, and become a better person, parent, lover etc.

work with today

Today is a day God has chosen for you to see, there is a plan set out for today so why do most of us disturb ourselves of tomorrow, we get so anxious of what tomorrow is going to be that we forget to make the best use of today, we procrastinate till tomorrow making the burden of tomorrow heavier. Each day has enough burden for itself so work with today, do you want to read to be a better person, start today, do you want to be a good wife, daughter, mother,son, husband start today,do you want to be the employer/employee of the year it has to start from today don’t say i will work it out next week, start today, today has provided what you will achieve, so don’t leave today blank and start running after tomorrow…….please and please don’t worry about tomorrow if our heavenly father has kept  you to see today he will surely provide today’s needs and tomorrow’s when you get there.

So don’t let fear, what people will say,procrastination, unbelief keep you from being what God wants you to be today, don’t shy away from today take that bold step to achieve today’s plans for your life, it will be easier to achieve your goal for the day when you commit it into Gods hands, if you ask God to guide you, he will surely guide you,so go ahead ask him for guidance and make use of today………………….