Love is beautiful so share it with the right person(people)

Love is beautiful, love is amazing, love is selfless, love tolerates, love forgives, love corrects with care, and love doesn’t hurt people just for fun. To love is to understand the person you are sharing that feeling with; to love is to know one’s flaws and still want to be with them even as they go through the process of changing or when they are adamant and won’t change; to love is still talking and sharing nice moments with that person that offended you; to love is to put yourself in the shoes of others and reason with them. Love is for all of us.

Loving involves putting the feelings of others before yours at times. When you love someone, you don’t hurt them purposely, instead, you talk to them carefully so as not to lose them or their trust in you. When you love yourself, you accept your flaws and are willing to make changes when necessary. When it comes to tolerating people, I do that a lot but it gets unbearable, especially when you think someone loves you but can’t tolerate you, or when you love someone and they don’t love you in return.

To love is to encourage the ones you love to be better people, to love is to be ready to be the shoulder your friends or spouses need.

Love is wonderful and everyone needs to experience it. You need to open your mind to sharing your time and resources with the people you love, and they should be willing to do the same for you as well.

Finding the right people to love and the people that love you too is crucial and very necessary. When the love between you and another person is mutual, it makes it easier to live with each other. Real love makes it easy for partners and friends/family to forgive without recording your wrongs for you.

Be ready to have love in your heart for people around you and even if they don’t reciprocate, just do your part and let it be recorded for you as righteousness. But when it comes to a life partner, you can’t carry the love alone, you need your partner in with you. That is why you need to pray with everything you have and look well before leaping because, God hates divorce. Don’t just go into a commitment with people because your friends or siblings are in a commitment, rather, go into it because you are ready for it and your partner also is.


Every action has its Consequences

There are things we do and we think we escape from the consequences and so we are jubilant: most likely you didn’t escape. It might still catch up with you sooner or later.

That good deed you think you do that no one sees or that evil you do and think you can cover up will catch up with you whether you like it or not. It is better to do good than indulge in evil. The Bible says, ‘A good name is better than great riches and loving favour rather than silver and gold’. (Proverbs 22:1)

We all have our conscience so when it gets to the point that we do wrong things and our conscience doesn’t bother us anymore, we need to retrace our steps because that only means we are going far away from God and being far from God doesn’t always end well. What is that thing you keep doing that people shouldn’t see you do? What is that thing you say that people shouldn’t hear you say? We need to watch it carefully and check ourselves frequently to know if we are still on the right track or heading for the wrong path.

The good you do and you feel you never got rewarded or appreciated for will come back to you one way or the other. If it doesn’t happen to you, it will happen to your children and their own children. We watch movies or hear about men/women that did so much good but didn’t receive the reward in their lifetime and their children are still enjoying all the good they have done. That is the same way if one does evil, he will also reap, if not immediately, then with time. If not that person, the people around such a person might reap it in many folds and that is why the Bible even says that the sins of the father will catch up with the sons. You and the people you love might be affected by the negative and positive things you do.(proverbs 18:19) is an evident that the name you soil is hard to rebuild.

Make a conscious effort to watch your actions and know the consequences that come with each action. If you take risks to achieve your dreams, there is a consequence; if you lazy around, there is a consequence; if you lie a lot, there is a consequence; if you steal or are covetous, there is a consequence; if you dress indecent, there is a consequence; if you go to the wrong places, there is a consequence. Even if people don’t catch you doing wrong things, your conscience will disturb you such that you will begin to create fears in your mind and many other things so we should beware of the actions we take, negative or positive, because the consequences might also be good or bad.

When you are known for stealing or some other bad character, people suspect you more often than normal because you have tarnished your name, and a name that has been tarnished will need a lot of effort to rebuild. So, rather than going through the stress of wanting people to accept you back, avoid actions that will cost you your good name

You are not just a Christian because you go to church

You might go to church 24 hours/7 days, praise, worship and pray and not be anything to write home about after church. To be a Christian is more than just attending churches, it is about the life you live in church, at home, in your workplace or the way you live your life generally.

Who is a Christian? A Christian is someone who is Christ-like in nature. That should be our goal and that means in everything we do, we should try to behave the way Jesus would behave. Bad habits would soil our names and make us far from being good Christians. We need to make a conscious effort to avoid whatever it is that we do that doesn’t go well with God. We should admit we are doing those wrong things and begin to make changes, let’s stop creating excuses for ourselves.

As a Christian, going to church regularly is just one of your responsibilities, your life after church is another.  There are other responsibilities to being a Christian. We need to be more helpful, we need to learn how to give cheerfully (our finances and our time), we need to learn to forgive more, we need to learn not to judge and crucify people. We should be ready to correct our wrongs when necessary and we should try to be more accommodating. Our lives should speak Christ wherever we go and to do this we need Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be our guide so we won’t just be empty Christians.

To be a true Christian is when your Christ-like being is reflected in all you do. Just as Christ was, he never condemned anyone, he fed people he preached to when necessary, he believed in equality. We should ask for more insight from God so we can be the Christians He wants us to be.

What Maturity is all about

Maturity is not in how long you have been in a situation, it is not how old you are, it’s not just by being a mother, sister, brother or a father. There is more to maturity and we need to know that. Why do you think people say you are behaving ‘immaturely’? It is because you are not doing the right thing you should do, that is why people say maturity is not in the age of people but in the mind. A boy can be mature in handling situations while a woman/man who has kids can be immature in handling situations. Maturity is not by size or age, maturity is in the mind. When you can look beyond people’s mistakes and move on, when you can handle a situation without causing chaos, when you choose peace over thug of war then you can be said to be mature.

We all need to grow to maturity because I know we don’t handle all cases with maturity. At times, we mess up a situation that could have gone better and later regret our actions but the deed has been done and it is irreversible so Maturity helps us avoid complications most of the time.

What do you do when you have a conflict with a friend or a spouse? Do you blow things out of proportion or do you look for ways to fix the conflict? Some people will prefer to keep malice or wait for you to beg them. That is not the right attitude. At times, you should apologise even if you are not the wrong one for peace sake. You can’t be hardened and say you are matured, you are very far from maturity, I tell you.

Maturity is when you can see everything going wrong and you don’t make it worse, rather, you look for ways to change the situation for the better. There will be times when you don’t care about maturity but it keeps people together more than you can imagine.

Decide to be matured from today. Try and fix those things you can fix before it gets too late. If you are offended by someone dear to you, solve it in a peaceful and well-mannered way.



Hope is the last thing you should lose


Hope is necessary in everything you do, we all need to have hope for our futures. We should hope for a better tomorrow because when we hope, we can achieve our aims. As long as we constantly get up when we fall, then we can get to the top. There might be a lot you are going through right this moment so you might feel the urge to give up on everything but that is never a solution. That is only defeat and we shouldn’t settle for defeat no matter how tough the situations become.

When there is a will there is a way, so the more willing we are to achieve our goals, the more we get solutions to our problems. The more we open ourselves to finding results, the easier things become. We shouldn’t sit around and just complain, we should go to the Throne of Grace with our supplications, work hard and expect the very best to come our way. Even if it takes time, it will surely find its way to us.

You might be in a financial, emotional, physical or spiritual problem and you think all hope is lost. All hope isn’t lost as long as you still have breath in you, just don’t become desperate to achieve your aim that you miss it totally. When you are not there yet, just keep moving because you are one step closer to your success so get up and keep moving. Pray with everything in you, begin to think outside the box and something extraordinary will happen.

Remember that the Alpha and Omega that keeps you daily has plans for you, ask Him for the grace to work according to His will and things will fall in place at the right time. Nothing is too big for God to do, so no matter the situation you find yourself, have it at the back of your mind that God will not bring you to a place where you won’t survive and that a situation you can’t handle will not come your way. You can handle it if you let yourself. Some situations should build a stronger, better and successful you so don’t think God has abandoned you. He is still going to work wonders in your life, just trust Him, He is the God that makes impossibilities possible for His children.

Hope is the last thing you should lose because when you lose hope, you become tired of living. Hope gives you a reason to keep living and fighting till you get to your destination.


Don’t go around Judging People

People judge others based on facts they hear or see. They don’t take time to know the reasons why they behave the way they behave for example you meet a lady that steals a lot you begin to crucify her like you are perfect no one gave you any right to do that the best you can do for that fellow is talk to the person, pray for the person and persistently see to it that the person has all they need to have within your power so they don’t see reasons to steal again.

we shouldn’t be so quick to judge others because we aren’t doing the things they do for example you may be a very honest person but not a cheerful giver or an unforgiving person that is a fault you should look at and work on. Don’t just concentrate on people’s negative behaviour and forget to help them if it is in your power to do so don’t just be a problem talker be a problem solver too.

It is easier to see others problems and judge them for it but it is a wrong attitude and we must run from judging people instead of helping them, you can’t even go around just preaching to them they have to see what you preach in you. Watch yourself so you don’t become worse than the person you are judging, you are to ‘remove the log in your eye before trying to remove the speck in your brother’s eye’.

Don’t go about with the ‘Holier than thou attitude’ it doesn’t help you neither does it change the attitude of people you are complaining of , so instead of judging others try as much as possible to correct people without being judgmental. Act like you are in their shoes so they can open up to you and then you can encourage them about better ways to go about things.