When things become difficult, just turn to God in Prayer and Praises

I can’t imagine how people are suffering or in pains.

I can’t say i understand everything happening to me, i just know that it’s no longer my battle, this battle belongs to the Lord. when you think everyone has betrayed you even your family, you need to turn to God.

Make him your best friend and he will wipe away your tears, when you have worked hard and you don’t see the efforts, it is time to let go of the wheel and let God take over.

Right this moment  i feel like giving up, but i know God is on the throne and he doesn’t forsake his children, so i will hang in there, so should you . Continue reading “When things become difficult, just turn to God in Prayer and Praises”



via Daily Prompt: Pattern

Pattern is a way of doing something, it might be good or bad, beautiful or complicated.

when working in pattern it can be interesting or become boring, but if you are using pattern in terms of behaving like a mentor, that might be good for your soul or your body.

I see some people exercise every Saturday, most importantly they have good bodies and that encourages me, to say the least, I actually  take a walk most Saturday’s except I am sick or indisposed and I saw a very positive change from my frequent pattern of walking or jogging on Saturday, that’s a good pattern to emulate.

For people who steal,kill or do drugs that’s an addictive pattern they are following and the road through that path is really terrible. You are not allowed to work in a pattern that makes you a sad news to others, you should choose a pattern that when people hear about you there is a smile on their faces.

What am I saying? Whatever pattern of life you choose should glorify the name of God,and it shouldn’t tarnish your good name.



What makes you unique?

What makes us unique from our friends,our families or the world at large, is it just our names? what is it that makes us unique?

God created us unique,there is no one exactly like me or you,we have something that differentiates us from the rest,some of those things can be your physical body in which case even twins that look so much alike are never the same, there is still something that makes twin a different from b.

Do you love your uniqueness? that’s a question for discussion,we see someone that behaves in this manner and we want to behave that way,why not derive joy in being you.

No one is saying you shouldn’t better yourself,but forgetting to embrace the uniqueness in you is a sad thing and if you continue that way you won’t derive the satisfaction you need.

You are in a place for a reason, the reason you are in a place is different from the reason i am in that same place,some people are entertainers,some innovative,some teachers,some role models etc.Enjoy your uniqueness, do not trade it for someone’s unique nature, it will be hard to be the best at acting like someone.

Everyone is doing this particular thing doesn’t mean it is right, always follow your heart and be who you are comfortable with,don’t please everyone and displease yourself.

Don’t use so many years trying to be like a friend,colleague or a celebrity and forget about the uniqueness that no one else has except you.






little children Forgive easily let Adults learn from them

I teach in a school, the school has taught me a lot of things especially the little kids.

They do a lot of things they are super creative, intelligent fun to be with, but very noisy so their noise puts me in trouble, people say I don’t have class control and all so I worked on myself. I am much better now I have a grip of my class and learning is fun now.

The surprising thing is they(the students) come the next morning forgetting all the punishment you gave them they greet you with smiles and even hug you, is that not beautiful, they don’t hold grudges to even buttress that point they don’t even remember the wrongs you have done again.

No wonder Jesus Christ said except you be like this little children you shall not be able to enter God’s kingdom.

Let’s not count our friends wrongs, our siblings or our parents wrongs, we should let it go when I mean let it go I am mean wholeheartedly, that way we give our hearts and minds new days let’s dwell in the past, what do we need the past for anyway, lets move ahead, promising to live each day for it, and overcome the temptation of keeping wrongs of others and even trying not to talk to them again, the devil is always happy when you have to stop talking or working with that wonderful person you know, but just made a little mistake.

Who are you to your Neighbours

I hope we know when I use the word neighbour I mean everyone around you, not just people living close to you it could be your colleagues it could be your friends it could even be your enemy, how do you treat people? It’s a question you should think about deeply

lets examine the story of the good Samaritan he saw a brother in need, though that person wasn’t his biological brother nor his friend/family but he didn’t hesitate to help him, he cleaned his wound and took him to the hospital he paid his bills and gave the nurse money for the man’s feeding what a good person, he has a heart of gold for doing that and God must have counted it unto him as righteousness.

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Daily Prompt: Panic

via Daily Prompt: Panic

Hmmn!!! panic is a disease of the mind it rubs you of your happiness at times it causes anxiety at times which in the long run might not be needed.

One day i was asked to read a passage (Nehemiah 6:1-16) and i panicked i said i couldn’t read it that i usually have stage fright, my dad said i had to read it, that it wouldn’t take long, everyone told me the same thing that i  should just practice i still kept on panicking i even dreamt of it, that was how bad it was, guess what after so much panic and all, the day came for me to read it and someone else went to the altar to read it and i was angry, why was i angry? i wasn’t angry at the person who read but at myself for making reading the bible on the altar become such a  big deal and in not less than five minutes the person reading was done, so why did i panic over a five minutes issue?

At that moment i said to myself i have to get rid of anxiety no matter what happens. What will be will be, so why worry over it, or even have sleepless night over it.

So a word of advice to every one all that panic is from the pit of hell so we shouldn’t let it consume us, we should only allow the Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Panic”

Recharge your spirit

We are on fire with our prayers and worship at first then at times we become so lukewarm that we forget how to praise, how to honour our God, forgetting that he gave a new day, new breath and new testimonies.We cant afford to be ungrateful no matter what, i know what some people are thinking, they are saying things like do you know the challenges i am facing? i can’t say ii understand but God won’t allow something you can’t handle to come your way so you see, he is always there he knows everything so give him thanks for the battles he has fought for you that you don’t even know about.

We need to find that fire again, we cant be lukewarm because God doesn’t like lukewarm people and i am sure we don’t want him to abandon us so we shouldn’t abandon him at all. Please wake up people of God and start to recharge your soul frequently so we don’t get weary.

There are times things get difficult that we think God doesn’t exist that is what the devil want’s us to think we can’t give in to his thoughts and that is the more reason we need to be recharged in spirit, God will help us.

No matter the challenges you face, Have it in mind that with God all things are possible and when he blesses us we shouldn’t forget to give him all the praise and glory because only him deserves the glory.

We are Born Different and Unique

We are created by one God but different in character, background and we have different goals and aspiration.We shouldn’t expect someone to be like us or behave exactly how we behave, we are all different one way or the other.

That is where individual difference comes in some of us are temperamental than others, while some are cooler than others as well as more understanding than others, so we need to have that at the back of our mind when we do things.e

There is this saying’ Do unto others what you want others to do to you’, So as much as we are not the same we should learn to watch how we treat people so there will be less conflict in our environment, you can’t say because you are temperamental you go throwing people’s things away or go beating people we all need to learn self-control.More importantly before we react we should put our self in other people’s shoe and see ow we would feel before we react. Continue reading “We are Born Different and Unique”

God is Faithful

God is faithful yes He is faithful. He remains the same even when we are not faithful, He remains just and loyal to us even when we are not to Him, he watches our back daily he sees that even when things are not right he comes through for us, He takes his time to plan for our future he doesn’t just work today for us He goes ahead of us to bless our future to see that we end with smiles on our faces.

Though we might fall sick he heals us, though we might not have enough to eat but God makes sure we are fresh and alive, we might not have enough to spend but he sees to it that we have our essential needs. He never leaves us hanging. He helps us in our times of trouble all we need to do is believe in him and seek his face.

Even when death takes the ones we love God still remains just and faithful. He is the God of the fatherless and the God of the motherless, he will always make a way where there seems to be no way just trust and obey him. The things you thought without your parents or friends you won’t be able to do God will do for you beyond your imagination. He will work for your favour.

He is there in the midst of our struggle He knows everything we are passing through and He allows us to pass through it for a reason rather than complaining let’s be grateful.

We shouldn’t let delay make us think our God isn’t faithful, there is a reason you are yet to achieve that dream or that great height, it might be that He is fixing and building in you all that you need to be successful in life remember you can’t rush God, patience my dear friends patience.

Let him have His way in your life and you will be surprised what you will turn out to be hard work is good opportunities are good but God must come first in every line of action of a person so before you begin your work or begin the day commit it into God hands and then your hard work and commitment will pay, and if you don’t get that thing you want still thank Him for it.

There is no situation you are right now, that God doesn’t know about so don’t doubt what He can do to that situation of yours. He is all able. Our God is faithful and we must know that he never abandons His creations’. Put all your trust in Him.

We all need somebody to lean on

‘Lean on me when you’re not strong I will be your friend, I will help you carry on for it won’t be long that am going to need somebody to lean on’. I love that song because it has a great meaning. It is saying no matter how strong or how determined you are, you can’t do everything on your own you will need people along the road to help you achieve all you can’t achieve on your own.

Don’t treat people badly because they leaned on you in their times of weakness because no matter how long you go without help you will surely need help one day. So don’t go about like you can handle everything on your own, don’t be shy to need help, it is in asking that you receive so don’t die in silence because you are scared of people’s reaction when in reality you really need them. It is better to let it out, letting it out relieves you of tension.

Let’s do this; when a lawyer isn’t feeling good they visit the doctors, that is the same way when the doctors need to win a case they call the lawyer, also when an engineer needs to build a house they call the architects and the architects call the engineers to help in wiring and setting electrical things in place, when we need to keep our money we go to the bank when the banker needs to buy things they go to the market where the trader attends to them. In almost everything we do we need people, so we shouldn’t suck it all in we should be willing to attend to the needs of others so that we can have a better world to live in.

Be willing to have a listening ear to people you care about not just a listening ear a positive attitude goes with it as well, you need to be ready to make sacrifices for people you love and some of the sacrifices we make when it comes to friends and families involves being a shoulder to cry on, so let’s all be willing to give a shoulder to those that need it and we shouldn’t be afraid to let out our pains and tears also.

We all need a shoulder to lean on, it is ok to need attention at times you can’t always be the one giving out. Someone is ready to help you or listen to you as well just be willing to let them.