“Give me wisdom Lord”

“Give me wisdom Lord” This is a powerful sentence. it took me awhile to think about how just asking God to handle your life can change everything for you, with God you work and it becomes fruitful.

How many of us say this sentence when we are faced with situations that are hopeless? Most times we just react negatively when things are not going as planned. Have you ever bothered to calm down and ask yourself what has reacting negatively solved all these time.

When you tell God ‘give me wisdom’, you are telling him to handle your situation that you are tired of struggling, and God is able and he will surprise you more than you can imagine. When he comes into your situation he makes everything you do or say fruitful and blessed.

Have a blessed day as you allow God to work with you. thank you




Adventure is an unusual and exciting or daring experience. To be daring means taking risks, it could be taking you from your comfort zone, but it is good for us to go on adventures once in a while.

Adventure makes you  opened to new ideas, and taking risks will become less difficult, if we don’t take risk at all,we might end up regretting that we did nothing when the opportunity presented itself.

Adventure could be in form of doing what scares you the most like travelling by air, sky diving, mountain climbing, camping etc. Adventure can help us get rid of fear or mediocrity, for me i think i need to go mountain climbing, and i need to start taking care of a puppy because i know i am scared of heights and animals, but how long will i allow fear rob me of my peace and excitement.

Adventure is another way of forgetting the issues we have at hand, because truly if we remain in our comfort zone, or keep up with our boring routines, we might not think outside the box which can keep up us from getting the best result at anything we do.

We need to stop been scared to fail at something and then fail to try because of fear of the unknown. e.g. Refusing to start a business you have talent and passion for because you think making profits is difficult,. it is better to try at something and fail, than not trying at all.

I hope we are all ready to open our mind to something new and daring.







What do we call Opportunities?

Opportunity is said to be a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. so opportunity can come in form of a new job, promotion,a new business enterprise.

What we do with the opportunities that come our way will either lead to success or great regret.

Opportunities can come from anywhere or anyone, so one has to be alert so great opportunities don’t pass us by. Great opportunities are never lost in the hands of the wise. So we need to pray for wisdom to always discern when a good and success-like opportunity comes our way.

Opportunities are golden and once missed might be hard to retrieve back. your vision will shine forth when you find an opportunity and you decide not to let it slide away from you.

We need a moment to rethink, what are those things that you should have done that could have brought about a breakthrough and you nonchalantly missed.

Let’s start to work towards all the good opportunities life brings to us, that involves been always ready and alert to make use of the opportunities that present itself to us.

I believe when we become more alert to great opportunities and we don’t miss it, things will begin to work for our favour.

Dancing can be soul lifting

via Daily Prompt: Dancing

Dancing involves moving your body in rhythm to a music or no music, people dance for various reasons:

Some dance to exercise

Some dance to have fun

Some dance for inspiration

Some dance with partners

Some dance because it is their job and it pays

Dancing lifts the soul and the mind, it makes you relieved and happy unconsciously.

People dance to forget pains or sad events, people dance because they love dancing meaning it became a hobby.

I love to dance for plenty reasons, i dance when i feel heavy and disturbed, i dance when i am lonely and sad, i dance when i am happy, i dance a lot when God shows me his mercy,kindness,goodness and love. I dance when my prayers are about to be answered as well.

One thing i want everyone to go with today is, decide in your mind to put dancing in your schedule, create time to dance no matter the feeling.

Whether it is a slow or fast dance it changes your mood for the better, so dance when you feel happy, dance when you feel sad, dance when you need to appreciate God’s work in your life. Dance! Dance!! Dance!!!

Do we ever listen when our mind speaks to us?

Do we ever listen when our mind speaks to us?

This is a thought that came to my mind this morning, how often do we follow our dreams and aspirations in life.

Do we just follow the voices of everyone else apart from ourselves? We all have our minds so just because someone disagrees with your plans and visions doesn’t make it wrong.

Fight to achieve your dreams in life, do not give up because the circumstances aren’t right, do not give up because people told you that your dream is impossible.

Believe in your yourself as well as your dreams no matter what people think about your and your dreams.

Achieve it and let the greatness your dream possess speak for itself .

write your comments dear viewers….have  a great day ahead.

Is there an age bracket/limit to a person giving us great advise?

The question goes like this’ Is there an age bracket/limit to a person giving us great advise?

People feel like if you have not experienced something like they are experiencing then you shouldn’t advise them, or is it that they believe you can’t give good advise because you aren’t in their shoes.

Let’s look at someone in the bible that was very young but gave the best advise to her superior Naaman. She told him of a prophet that could heal him and he was very humble enough to try , at the end he got a great result right!!

I am young and may have never been married before, but i know pride goes before a fall. The same way i know that two wrongs don’t make a right, so when i tell someone you need to be patient and pray more to win your husband back, it’s so sad to hear people say ”you are not married so don’t give that kind of advise”.

I listen to my younger brother talk at times and i am like really, he says try  it first, and when i do ,it’s better than my former decision.

Be it a mentor giving you an advise, or someone you feel can’t be serious, still think about it,pray about it and if you think it isn’t good then you can dismiss it. But don’t be defensive and judgemental as well as acting without thinking before making decisions.

I was a kid and see a lot of things, like i hear things that shouldn’t be said to children, but when you suggest a better way, you are insulted and told to go and train your own child like that.

Today i want us to realize even a young child can correct us adults, an unmarried person can be intelligent enough to know the ingredients to a lasting relationship, a young lady or man without children can see what a mother or father is doing wrong. Be open-minded to great change that will improve your life.

I know every advise won’t be correct and you shouldn’t try it, but that advise that looks true in your ears but your ego doesn’t like , you need to check and see if it will work before disposing that advise.

Comment with your thoughts……..Love you all


When things become difficult, just turn to God in Prayer and Praises

I can’t imagine how people are suffering or in pains.

I can’t say i understand everything happening to me, i just know that it’s no longer my battle, this battle belongs to the Lord. when you think everyone has betrayed you even your family, you need to turn to God.

Make him your best friend and he will wipe away your tears, when you have worked hard and you don’t see the efforts, it is time to let go of the wheel and let God take over.

Right this moment  i feel like giving up, but i know God is on the throne and he doesn’t forsake his children, so i will hang in there, so should you . Continue reading “When things become difficult, just turn to God in Prayer and Praises”


via Daily Prompt: Pattern

Pattern is a way of doing something, it might be good or bad, beautiful or complicated.

when working in pattern it can be interesting or become boring, but if you are using pattern in terms of behaving like a mentor, that might be good for your soul or your body.

I see some people exercise every Saturday, most importantly they have good bodies and that encourages me, to say the least, I actually  take a walk most Saturday’s except I am sick or indisposed and I saw a very positive change from my frequent pattern of walking or jogging on Saturday, that’s a good pattern to emulate.

For people who steal,kill or do drugs that’s an addictive pattern they are following and the road through that path is really terrible. You are not allowed to work in a pattern that makes you a sad news to others, you should choose a pattern that when people hear about you there is a smile on their faces.

What am I saying? Whatever pattern of life you choose should glorify the name of God,and it shouldn’t tarnish your good name.



What makes you unique?

What makes us unique from our friends,our families or the world at large, is it just our names? what is it that makes us unique?

God created us unique,there is no one exactly like me or you,we have something that differentiates us from the rest,some of those things can be your physical body in which case even twins that look so much alike are never the same, there is still something that makes twin a different from b.

Do you love your uniqueness? that’s a question for discussion,we see someone that behaves in this manner and we want to behave that way,why not derive joy in being you.

No one is saying you shouldn’t better yourself,but forgetting to embrace the uniqueness in you is a sad thing and if you continue that way you won’t derive the satisfaction you need.

You are in a place for a reason, the reason you are in a place is different from the reason i am in that same place,some people are entertainers,some innovative,some teachers,some role models etc.Enjoy your uniqueness, do not trade it for someone’s unique nature, it will be hard to be the best at acting like someone.

Everyone is doing this particular thing doesn’t mean it is right, always follow your heart and be who you are comfortable with,don’t please everyone and displease yourself.

Don’t use so many years trying to be like a friend,colleague or a celebrity and forget about the uniqueness that no one else has except you.






little children Forgive easily let Adults learn from them

I teach in a school, the school has taught me a lot of things especially the little kids.

They do a lot of things they are super creative, intelligent fun to be with, but very noisy so their noise puts me in trouble, people say I don’t have class control and all so I worked on myself. I am much better now I have a grip of my class and learning is fun now.

The surprising thing is they(the students) come the next morning forgetting all the punishment you gave them they greet you with smiles and even hug you, is that not beautiful, they don’t hold grudges to even buttress that point they don’t even remember the wrongs you have done again.

No wonder Jesus Christ said except you be like this little children you shall not be able to enter God’s kingdom.

Let’s not count our friends wrongs, our siblings or our parents wrongs, we should let it go when I mean let it go I am mean wholeheartedly, that way we give our hearts and minds new days let’s dwell in the past, what do we need the past for anyway, lets move ahead, promising to live each day for it, and overcome the temptation of keeping wrongs of others and even trying not to talk to them again, the devil is always happy when you have to stop talking or working with that wonderful person you know, but just made a little mistake.