When things become difficult, just turn to God in Prayer and Praises

I can’t imagine how people are suffering or in pains.

I can’t say i understand everything happening to me, i just know that it’s no longer my battle, this battle belongs to the Lord. when you think everyone has betrayed you even your family, you need to turn to God.

Make him your best friend and he will wipe away your tears, when you have worked hard and you don’t see the efforts, it is time to let go of the wheel and let God take over.

Right this moment  i feel like giving up, but i know God is on the throne and he doesn’t forsake his children, so i will hang in there, so should you .

I an a child of the most high,so i know there is no trouble or set back he can’t handle. If it is taking time maybe it’s for my good. That should be your attitude towards the things bothering you.

Always ask him for the grace not to be in a hurry so you don’t miss out your blessings. praise him when you are down.

Praise God when he blesses you, praise him also when you feel your prayers are not heard.

Praise defeats the devil and his agents.

So what are you facing that makes you feel abandoned and left out, oh! you are not left behind, just turn to him, and surrender your burden to God.



2 thoughts on “When things become difficult, just turn to God in Prayer and Praises

  1. True, cos wit him all things are possible…. He makes and plans a way when there seems to be no way. He created us for a purpose and patience is the key thing that won’t let us pass our destiny by.
    Thanks Darling


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