little children Forgive easily let Adults learn from them

I teach in a school, the school has taught me a lot of things especially the little kids.

They do a lot of things they are super creative, intelligent fun to be with, but very noisy so their noise puts me in trouble, people say I don’t have class control and all so I worked on myself. I am much better now I have a grip of my class and learning is fun now.

The surprising thing is they(the students) come the next morning forgetting all the punishment you gave them they greet you with smiles and even hug you, is that not beautiful, they don’t hold grudges to even buttress that point they don’t even remember the wrongs you have done again.

No wonder Jesus Christ said except you be like this little children you shall not be able to enter God’s kingdom.

Let’s not count our friends wrongs, our siblings or our parents wrongs, we should let it go when I mean let it go I am mean wholeheartedly, that way we give our hearts and minds new days let’s dwell in the past, what do we need the past for anyway, lets move ahead, promising to live each day for it, and overcome the temptation of keeping wrongs of others and even trying not to talk to them again, the devil is always happy when you have to stop talking or working with that wonderful person you know, but just made a little mistake.


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