Who are you to your Neighbours

I hope we know when I use the word neighbour I mean everyone around you, not just people living close to you it could be your colleagues it could be your friends it could even be your enemy, how do you treat people? It’s a question you should think about deeply

lets examine the story of the good Samaritan he saw a brother in need, though that person wasn’t his biological brother nor his friend/family but he didn’t hesitate to help him, he cleaned his wound and took him to the hospital he paid his bills and gave the nurse money for the man’s feeding what a good person, he has a heart of gold for doing that and God must have counted it unto him as righteousness.

Who is that person we can help that we ignore? who is that person we can cloth and we don’t cloth? We need to re think our ways whatever resources God has blessed you with is so you can help others in need, don’t be like the rich man who saw Lazarus at his gate and wouldn’t care, it isn’t every time that someone needs money, at times a shoulder to cry on might just be the answer, we need to be our brothers keeper whether we are close to them or not.

The man who was injured could have being a rich man but since robbers beat him till he couldn’t get up he needed help to survive and the good Samaritan showed him love, let’s begin to show love to people around us and it will be rewarded to us  as righteousness, when you also do good don’t wait for a pay back let your heavenly father be the one to pay you back, I hope we all learnt something,the good Samaritan went his way after helping the injured man he might never see again.He just played an active role in the life of the injured man and the man was forever grateful,those we help will also remain grateful even if they might never be able to pay us back.




4 thoughts on “Who are you to your Neighbours

  1. Seyifunmi…..You are the most amazing neighbor I have ever met…..Its a privilege to be a part of your life, Young Miss….


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