Daily Prompt: Panic

via Daily Prompt: Panic

Hmmn!!! panic is a disease of the mind it rubs you of your happiness at times it causes anxiety at times which in the long run might not be needed.

One day i was asked to read a passage (Nehemiah 6:1-16) and i panicked i said i couldn’t read it that i usually have stage fright, my dad said i had to read it, that it wouldn’t take long, everyone told me the same thing that i  should just practice i still kept on panicking i even dreamt of it, that was how bad it was, guess what after so much panic and all, the day came for me to read it and someone else went to the altar to read it and i was angry, why was i angry? i wasn’t angry at the person who read but at myself for making reading the bible on the altar become such a  big deal and in not less than five minutes the person reading was done, so why did i panic over a five minutes issue?

At that moment i said to myself i have to get rid of anxiety no matter what happens. What will be will be, so why worry over it, or even have sleepless night over it.

So a word of advice to every one all that panic is from the pit of hell so we shouldn’t let it consume us, we should only allow the spirit of God Almighty consume us.




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