Recharge your spirit

We are on fire with our prayers and worship at first then at times we become so lukewarm that we forget how to praise, how to honour our God, forgetting that he gave a new day, new breath and new testimonies.We cant afford to be ungrateful no matter what, i know what some people are thinking, they are saying things like do you know the challenges i am facing? i can’t say i understand but God won’t allow something you can’t handle to come your way so you see, he is always there he knows everything so give him thanks for the battles he has fought for you that you don’t even know about.

We need to find that fire again, we cant be lukewarm because God doesn’t like lukewarm people and i am sure we don’t want him to abandon us so we shouldn’t abandon him at all. Please wake up people of God and start to recharge your soul frequently so we don’t get weary.

There are times things get difficult that we think God doesn’t exist that is what the devil want’s us to think we can’t give in to his thoughts and that is the more reason we need to be recharged in spirit, God will help us.

No matter the challenges you face, Have it in mind that with God all things are possible and when he blesses us we shouldn’t forget to give him all the praise and glory because only him deserves the glory.


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