We all need somebody to lean on

‘Lean on me when you’re not strong I will be your friend, I will help you carry on for it won’t be long that am going to need somebody to lean on’. I love that song because it has a great meaning. It is saying no matter how strong or how determined you are, you can’t do everything on your own you will need people along the road to help you achieve all you can’t achieve on your own.

Don’t treat people badly because they leaned on you in their times of weakness because no matter how long you go without help you will surely need help one day. So don’t go about like you can handle everything on your own, don’t be shy to need help, it is in asking that you receive so don’t die in silence because you are scared of people’s reaction when in reality you really need them. It is better to let it out, letting it out relieves you of tension.

Let’s do this; when a lawyer isn’t feeling good they visit the doctors, that is the same way when the doctors need to win a case they call the lawyer, also when an engineer needs to build a house they call the architects and the architects call the engineers to help in wiring and setting electrical things in place, when we need to keep our money we go to the bank when the banker needs to buy things they go to the market where the trader attends to them. In almost everything we do we need people, so we shouldn’t suck it all in we should be willing to attend to the needs of others so that we can have a better world to live in.

Be willing to have a listening ear to people you care about not just a listening ear a positive attitude goes with it as well, you need to be ready to make sacrifices for people you love and some of the sacrifices we make when it comes to friends and families involves being a shoulder to cry on, so let’s all be willing to give a shoulder to those that need it and we shouldn’t be afraid to let out our pains and tears also.

We all need a shoulder to lean on, it is ok to need attention at times you can’t always be the one giving out. Someone is ready to help you or listen to you as well just be willing to let them.








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