Love is beautiful so share it with the right person(people)

Love is beautiful, love is amazing, love is selfless, love tolerates, love forgives, love corrects with care, and love doesn’t hurt people just for fun. To love is to understand the person you are sharing that feeling with; to love is to know one’s flaws and still want to be with them even as they go through the process of changing or when they are adamant and won’t change; to love is still talking and sharing nice moments with that person that offended you; to love is to put yourself in the shoes of others and reason with them. Love is for all of us.

Loving involves putting the feelings of others before yours at times. When you love someone, you don’t hurt them purposely, instead, you talk to them carefully so as not to lose them or their trust in you. When you love yourself, you accept your flaws and are willing to make changes when necessary. When it comes to tolerating people, I do that a lot but it gets unbearable, especially when you think someone loves you but can’t tolerate you, or when you love someone and they don’t love you in return.

To love is to encourage the ones you love to be better people, to love is to be ready to be the shoulder your friends or spouses need.

Love is wonderful and everyone needs to experience it. You need to open your mind to sharing your time and resources with the people you love, and they should be willing to do the same for you as well.

Finding the right people to love and the people that love you too is crucial and very necessary. When the love between you and another person is mutual, it makes it easier to live with each other. Real love makes it easy for partners and friends/family to forgive without recording your wrongs for you.

Be ready to have love in your heart for people around you and even if they don’t reciprocate, just do your part and let it be recorded for you as righteousness. But when it comes to a life partner, you can’t carry the love alone, you need your partner in with you. That is why you need to pray with everything you have and look well before leaping because, God hates divorce. Don’t just go into a commitment with people because your friends or siblings are in a commitment, rather, go into it because you are ready for it and your partner also is.


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