You are not just a Christian because you go to church

You might go to church 24 hours/7 days, praise, worship and pray and not be anything to write home about after church. To be a Christian is more than just attending churches, it is about the life you live in church, at home, in your workplace or the way you live your life generally.

Who is a Christian? A Christian is someone who is Christ-like in nature. That should be our goal and that means in everything we do, we should try to behave the way Jesus would behave. Bad habits would soil our names and make us far from being good Christians. We need to make a conscious effort to avoid whatever it is that we do that doesn’t go well with God. We should admit we are doing those wrong things and begin to make changes, let’s stop creating excuses for ourselves.

As a Christian, going to church regularly is just one of your responsibilities, your life after church is another.  There are other responsibilities to being a Christian. We need to be more helpful, we need to learn how to give cheerfully (our finances and our time), we need to learn to forgive more, we need to learn not to judge and crucify people. We should be ready to correct our wrongs when necessary and we should try to be more accommodating. Our lives should speak Christ wherever we go and to do this we need Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be our guide so we won’t just be empty Christians.

To be a true Christian is when your Christ-like being is reflected in all you do. Just as Christ was, he never condemned anyone, he fed people he preached to when necessary, he believed in equality. We should ask for more insight from God so we can be the Christians He wants us to be.


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