What Maturity is all about

Maturity is not in how long you have been in a situation, it is not how old you are, it’s not just by being a mother, sister, brother or a father. There is more to maturity and we need to know that. Why do you think people say you are behaving ‘immaturely’? It is because you are not doing the right thing you should do, that is why people say maturity is not in the age of people but in the mind. A boy can be mature in handling situations while a woman/man who has kids can be immature in handling situations. Maturity is not by size or age, maturity is in the mind. When you can look beyond people’s mistakes and move on, when you can handle a situation without causing chaos, when you choose peace over thug of war then you can be said to be mature.

We all need to grow to maturity because I know we don’t handle all cases with maturity. At times, we mess up a situation that could have gone better and later regret our actions but the deed has been done and it is irreversible so Maturity helps us avoid complications most of the time.

What do you do when you have a conflict with a friend or a spouse? Do you blow things out of proportion or do you look for ways to fix the conflict? Some people will prefer to keep malice or wait for you to beg them. That is not the right attitude. At times, you should apologise even if you are not the wrong one for peace sake. You can’t be hardened and say you are matured, you are very far from maturity, I tell you.

Maturity is when you can see everything going wrong and you don’t make it worse, rather, you look for ways to change the situation for the better. There will be times when you don’t care about maturity but it keeps people together more than you can imagine.

Decide to be matured from today. Try and fix those things you can fix before it gets too late. If you are offended by someone dear to you, solve it in a peaceful and well-mannered way.




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